Sunday, February 15, 2009

Under way

Welcome to my blog.
The blog is all about the construction or our house from start to finish.
I won't be writing anything too technical about the process, just an account of the goings on along the way. Feel free to drop by from time to time to check up on our progress.
This is where it all starts. Me, my wife, my boys and the block.

Last week the boys turned the sod to mark the start of the building process. With consecutive days over 40 degrees the ground was like concrete so the resultant hole in the ground was only about 5mm deep.....It was all about the ceremony really.

As you can see the excavation crew made a slight improvement on the hole the boys dug. I'm sure they were glad that we made a start for them.
Due to the amount of rock on the site and the fact that the site cut reaches the required founding depth at the back corner, we got the engineer back to have a look to see if we could amend the soil report to accommodate a shallower footing design. I should find out this week then the laying of the footings can commence.


  1. HI GREG!! I will watch every step of the way the building of the house so be sure to post pics and comments as you go. Welcome to blogdome!!

  2. Hi Greg! Looking forward to watching the progress. Lots of photos and commentary make a good blog. Happy blogging as well as happy building!

  3. Hi Greg!!
    How exciting for you all!! we built our first house just over 7 years agao and it was so exciting!! A lot of work but SOOO worth it!!
    look forward to following your blog to see how it's going!

  4. Hi Greg. It will be interesting to see how things progress with your new home.
    Have fun in 'Blogland"

  5. I am sooo looking forward to following the journey ,Thanks for inviting us along for the ride.
    Hey,Do you do Drafting for others????...Reccomend someone mabey?
    We have $ ready to go for an extension and no "daftsperson"

    How exciting to see the excavating has begun and what'll be a house before to long...
    All good

  6. Hey Greg, how exciting building your own home. Been there before as well as surviving a major extension - it's all fun....mostly!!
    I look forward to following your progress and seeing the end result.
    Welcome to Blogland.

  7. Hi Greg! I bloghopped over here from your wifey's lovely blog! Congratulations on building your home and starting a blog! Good luck with both and welcome to bloggerland! :)

  8. If you design anything like your wife sews...your home will be amazing!!! Best of luck!! Cannot wait to watch the evolution!

    M ^..^

  9. hi greg...welcome to BLOG land..(not that I know what the heck i am doing)..

    HOW TOTALLY EXCITING...i would love to be building a new house/renovating.. HARD is that soil??

    I live in williamstown..and a lot of building is going on at the minute in my LONG street...and I cannot begin to tell you ... HOW MANY MANY MANY TRUCK LOADS OF ROCKS are removed from these sites...(as they are all building underground car parks)...

    IT goes ON for weeks & weeks...and that is just at one site..
    GOOD LUCK...shall put you in my sidebar (when i check up again how i do that!!)..

    say hi to kathryn & the boys..

    very talented couple..I must say...

    xx andrea

  10. a dude blog, cool! i just love the turning of the sod ceremony how sweet. good luck, look forward to the next stage.
    %*_*% rosey

  11. Hi Greg,
    Yeah, thanks for including all of us on your home buiding journey.
    I look forward to seeing your home take shape.
    Best of Luck.

  12. Hi Greg,
    I think you're a very brave man to go build a house. Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful experience.
    I hope everything goes well and that all family will be very happy living in that house.

  13. Hi Greg - this should be great, keeping a progress report on the house building and having a journal to look back on later!