Sunday, May 31, 2009

Roof & walls

Our roof is now 99% complete. Only the front porch to go.....once it's built.
The wall wrap has been installed, the windows are in and the brickwork has begun at the rear of the house.

The box bay window was delivered this week after a long wait. This particular window is double glazed and also made with low-E glass. The window faces west so the 'low emission' glass emits light but blocks radiation.

This is the arched window in my future office.

The large dormer window in the room over the garage.

The framing is almost complete in the upper level.

Dormer window over the garage. The external wall cladding will be applied this week.

The scaffolding on the east side has been removed now that the roofing is complete. The rest of the scaffolding will come down once we have clad the gables.

This is it so far. Not long til lock-up now. Brickies will be on the job this week as will the builders with the weatherboard wall cladding. I may even make an appearance with a paint brush.......We'll see.


  1. It is really comming up a treat .
    How wonderful...To think Lockup is nearing...
    As for painting,All I can say is "Ugh!"

  2. Another celebratory picnic at lock up stage?
    It's moving along well and looking great! When do I move in? *vbg*

  3. [brace yourself for a song...]
    Greg the builder,
    Can he paint it,
    Greg the builder,
    Yes he can!

    don't be afraid, Greg, though often maligned as a disease, it's only a silly little brush that can't hurt you if you don't want it to.

    Keep up the great blog - we have been watching keenly, with wanting to build our own place in a few years time in Napoleons.

    ~Sonya Mac.

  4. Really nice work, Greg! Congratulations! I'm just searching for some info on home renovation as my wife and I are planning to do improvements in our home. Miami roofs are now being considered to be metals as it can reflect the heat during hot days, especially in summer. Our neighbor suggested this Miami roofing company to help us in the project. Anyway, it's nice to see your work. Thanks for sharing 'em!