Sunday, April 26, 2009

Roofing & Scaffolding

This week saw the arrival of our specialist roofing contractor and the beginning of our shingle roof. The facade or our house is reminiscent of the Californian Bungalow style. This style coupled with our chosen attic roof form lends itself to a shingle roofing system. The problem here is that a slate roof is prohibitively expensive but the flattest concrete roof tile is too bulky and not the correct size or proportion to compliment the roof form. Our solution was to have an American style roofing shingle installed. This system uses glass fibre asphalt shingles and achieves the aesthetic we were after. This system of roofing is also incredibly strong and has a superior thermal performance in comparison to a metal or tile clad roof.
This type of roofing is used on over 80% of houses in North America but not even 1% here in Australia.
Supplies for the roofing. 12mm tongue & groove ply board, roofing underlay and shingles.

Ply board is fixed to the truss rafters. This not only provides a solid surface for the shingles but braces the roof structure as well. How rock solid is that?

The underlay is stapled to the ply board. Technically this underlay is not necessary as is is specified in North America for prolonged snow and ice build-up.....can't see that being a problem here.

Close-up of the underlay.

Starting at the low point of the roof the shingles are nailed to the ply board.
Close-up of the shingles. The run of blobs along the top of the shingles is a self-sealing system. Once the upper row of shingles is placed on top, these rows of bitumen will adhere under heat.

Shingles placed over underlay.

North hip complete.

Quite a nice day for roofing really.

These are the upper level windows ready to be installed.

This photo was taken in the entry foyer. Front door behind and looking up toward the balcony and highlight window above.

Progress shot at the front.

Scaffolding is now in place to tackle the steep roof at the front.
More scaffolding.
Another progress shot. Notice the front window has been installed.
This might slow us down a bit. There seems to be wet stuff falling from the sky....I'm sure there's a name for it but I just can't remember. Apparently this sort of thing has happened before.

Haven't used these for a while.
Might not be much progress this week but who cares. Not going to complain about the rain.


  1. hi greg..OMG...i cannot believe HOW far your house has progressed...
    I hadnt checked in for a few weeks..sorry..a bit remiss on my part..
    what a looks fantastic..
    I think kathryn mentioned to me the other day about some trouble re the high winds on saturday/friday?? whenever..

    hope it all gets fixed...
    BOY you will be in before you know it....well kind of..

    cheers andrea

  2. OH and forgot to mention..
    just reading your lovely wifes last blog..

    MMMM!! it may be decorated ALL in PINK!!


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