Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wall framing & garage

This week a lot has happened. Flooring was completed, garage brickwork was done and the frames arrived and were installed.

Flooring complete.

Garage wall well on the way.

This is the steel frame for the garage access door. As you can see it is well braced to stay in place as the bricks are laid around it.

Internal shot of the garage wall.

Wall at full height waiting for the beam to span the opening.

This is the back of the garage. The access door and window are in position and are temporarily propped until the mortar reaches full strength.

There are the garage beams! Aren't they big? The garage door beam, (at the front) not only takes the load of the bricks over the opening but also the upper floor and roof load.

Close up shot of the garage door beam.

This is the beam that spans though the middle of the garage to take the floor load above.

Wall framing was delivered and installed.

Brickwork placed over garage door opening.

This is the front of the house so far.

This photo is taken from the family room looking towards the kitchen.

Doesn't take long does it?

Next week the roof trusses will arrive and maybe some windows will be installed. Also the upper floor structure will commence and the upper level roof will begin.

We have organised the roofing contractor to be available a couple of weeks after Easter to install our 'special' roofing. We're doing something that is not all that common with the roof....I'll explain in a later post. Until then I have to organise the plasterer, the electrician and the kitchen.

Lots to do.



  1. I love that stage you reach when building and things just suddenly surge along!
    We need some surging happening!
    Glad to see it is all moving and look forward to next installment