Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brick piers instead of stumps

This week we found out the true extent of the amout of sub-surface rock.....There is a lot. I suppose youv'e got to expect that building close to a disused quarry on the side of an extinct volcano.
About a third of the holes were successfully drilled out for stumps but the others were more troublesome. These particular stump holes were abandonned in lieu of an alternative method of footing, namely Brick Piers. With the porous rocks and the loose dirt laying about, the site ended up resembling a lunar lanscape .
Anyway, I did expect there to be rock in the way and brick piers had already been discussed as an alternative in the case that stumps were not possible, (It is always good to think of possible obstacles during the planning process and decide upon a solution to avoid hold-ups if the problem actually occurs).
Neil Armstrong is just out of frame on the left.

Anyone want a big rock?

Here you can see the difference between the round stump hole and the large, square, previously rock laden brick pier hole.

The wire protruding from the concrete footing is to go through the centre of the brick pier.
The bricks hold the house up and the wire holds the house down.

All footings concreted and ready for sub-floor work to begin.

Things are still going well and we are looking forward to the next stage of works.
Everything is progressing as planned.

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