Monday, March 23, 2009

Bearers & Joists

The timber floor framing began to appear this week.

The bearers have been fixed to the piers and the joists have been placed in position ready to be trimmed and attached to the bearers.

Due to the soil conditions I decided to install deeper joist than usual and use longer spans to better suit the highly reactive clay foundation. This method distributes any foundation movement over a larger area therefore minimises structural movement above.

The security gate was padlocked shut this weekend, but then.....

Master 6 said, "you can get in over here Daddy."

And so we did.

Have I mentioned how much I love security fencing?

By the end of this week the garage should be bricked up. Having said that we are still waiting on the engineer to revise the design of the steel beam over the garage door, so there may be a delay.

Things are really starting to move now. In the next week or two you will notice a big difference.


1 comment:

  1. Exciting to see brick work...
    Rome was'nt built in a day but your place is really moving along!