Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sub-floor plumbing.

This week the PVC pipes were installed under the house. The white ones are the waste pipes and the pale green pipes are the stormwater pipes. Eventually there will be sub-floor rainwater storage so the stormwater pipes are positioned for future tapping.
Once all the pipes have been placed, sub-floor insulation will be installed then the structural floor sheeting will be placed on top.

Stormwater pipe on the left. Waste water pipe on the right.

The small diameter black pipe is the hot and cold supply water lines.

We received the engineer's updated garage door lintel design today so now the steel can be ordered and the brickwork to the garage can proceed.
Things are moving quickly.


  1. This is great reporting, Greg. I have never watched a building going up from scratch. I'm finding it very interesting. Your photos, descriptions and explanations are wonderfully clear.

  2. geez greg...great post..!! & i love it..BUT dont understand it..?? from a silly womans viewpoint...

    have you ever watched seinfeld?? especially where GEORGE does "wee" in the shower at the gym..then found out...and his excuse..

    "WELL ALL PIPES LEAD to the same thing in the end"!!

    so i love all the pipes...BUT too me...they all just go somewhere...somehow...I dont understand it all..SOO glad you do!!

    cheers say hi to kathryn & the boys..

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